Ten Questions to Ask Your DJ

Not all DJs are alike! There are many types: Teen dance, Bar/Club, Hip-hop/house party DJs etc. A wedding DJ needs to be able to work as event coordinator, Emcee, Party host, etc. and have a wide selection of music.

Some DJs may only carry one type of music and show up with a home stereo system. Or they may only DJ as a hobby and be in business for a short time. Will they still be in business on your wedding day? Do you want to take the risk?

Ask around, talk to your friends. The most successful wedding DJs receive the majority of their business through referrals rather than the Yellow pages.

The Top 10 Questions to Ask When Selecting a DJ

When talking to the DJ, feel free to ask the following questions. If they can't give you a legitimate answer, they're either hiding something or inexperienced. Your wedding day is too important to trust to a Teen Dance DJ or "On the Job Training".

  1. What is their primary type of DJ function? Weddings, Lounges, Kids' Parties, Etc.?
  2. If they are a Wedding DJ, How much experience does he/she have, (the DJ, not the company) How many years/how many events etc.? Does he have experience working with other vendors in the wedding field? Ask around & see if the other vendors have heard of him.
  3. Will they personally be the DJ? Or do they sub-contract or "sell" your event to another DJ? If you hired them, why are they contracting someone else to do it?
  4. Can they guarantee who your DJ will be? Or will they pull the old "Bait & Switch" routine at the last minute & send you out whoever is available? Will you be able to meet with the actual DJ in-person beforehand to discuss your event? If not, why?
  5. Ask for three references and letters of recommendation (on chosen DJ) from three recent weddings.
  6. Are they insured to cover injuries or accidents caused by them or their equipment? (The actual DJ who'll be performing) Ask for a copy of their certificate of liability insurance.
  7. Does he have a wide variety of music? Is he able to cater to all ages & musical tastes? Does he have a wide knowledge of music? Ask for a copy of his song list.
  8. His Attire: A full Tuxedo or Jeans? Does he change back into street clothes before it's over?
  9. Is the equipment professional quality? Does he have a backup system? Is this with him, or will the reception stop and wait for another one to arrive? (By then, most of the guests may get bored and leave.)
  10. Will he act as Emcee, managing the order of activities? How involved will he be? Do you have any input into how involved you want him to be with the crowd? (Too obnoxious or too silent)

If you've gone first class on everything else, why hire a second rate service? Your reception will be what everyone will remember, don't trust it to inexperience.

The DJ you hired is the same DJ you'll receive, The DJ For You

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