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Jan. 01 - 5:31July 01 - 7:42
Jan. 15 - 5:43July 15 - 7:39
Feb. 01 - 5:59Aug. 01 - 7:28
Feb. 15 - 6:13Aug. 15 - 7:15
Mar. 01 - 6:25Sept. 01 - 6:54
Mar. 15 - 6:36Sept. 15 - 6:35
Apr. 01 - 6:49Oct. 01 - 6:13
Apr. 01 - 6:49Oct. 01 - 6:13
Apr. 15 - 6:59Oct. 15 - 5:55
May 01 - 7:11Nov. 01 - 5:37
May 15 - 7:21Nov. 15 - 5:26
June 01 - 7:33Dec. 01 - 5:20
June 15 - 7:39Dec. 15 - 5:22

In Arizona, outdoor ceremonies are quite popular. Unlike a church setting, You'll need to make the arrangements for the audio and music selections. It can be quite a painstaking task.

In the Phoenix area, there are quite a few places that offer facilities for outdoor ceremonies. THE DJ FOR YOU has performed at most of them. See Photos of the Finest Ceremony Locations.

How important is the audio?

It's important that all your family and guests will be able to hear the person who is performing the ceremony. Where do you get the microphones and someone to control the audio levels? What about the Ceremony music? Do you hire musicians? Or do you spend hours researching and locating the appropriate musical selections and bring a "Boombox"? But who will operate it? Will they know when to begin playing the selections? And more importantly, how will it sound? Will it be loud enough? Or blaring?

Think about it: (hopefully) your wedding is a once in a lifetime event that you've been planning for months, you expect everything to be perfect. Using a boombox is tacky, a minister with no microphone (no one can hear him) is not very memorable.

Keep in mind, the ceremony is the primary component of the most important day of your life, a fond memory for years. It must be flawless.

This is where I come in!

THE DJ FOR YOU can handle everything. I'll provide you with a ceremony planner, and will personally assist you in bringing this all together.

Keep in mind, not all DJs can properly provide for both the ceremony and the reception. 2 separate systems are a must! Many reception facilities now require the DJ to offer this.

I arrive early (no charge to you) set up the reception sound system, test all the levels, then go to the location of the ceremony and set up the ceremony sound system, do a complete test of everything (microphones, audio levels, etc.) then go over the details of the event with the person who'll be performing the ceremony.

For the ceremony, I feature professional grade EV & Shure "supercardioid" lavalier Clip-on, wireless microphones. One for the person performing the ceremony, the other for the groom. I also have handheld mics for individuals that will may do a reading or sing during the ceremony.


I  have recently upgraded from the standard 1/4 antennas that most DJs use, to the 1/2 HD antennas, that increase the signal strength to avoid audio drop-outs and unwanted static. For a wedding ceremony, there are no do-overs. Professional audio quality is a must.



Beside's the Minister's mic,the groom's microphone will pick-up both voices of the bride and groom. (see red arrow) I also have a wireless handheld microphone available if there will be a soloist or a person reading/speaking.



I'm fully prepared with the proper music selections (select your music here) and will professionally engineer the correct audio levels of the microphones and the music. 

Immediately following the ceremony, cocktail music will be playing at the reception area as your guests arrive.

THE DJ FOR YOU uses 2 sound systems, which means not you're not dealing with a DJ that has to ram his way through all your guests racing to setup at the other location following the ceremony.

The Truth is: Most prospective couples overlook the details I have pointed out, and an inexperienced DJ won't catch the flaws until it's too late, which means you will be dealing with the "little" discrepancies up-to and through your ceremony, usually when it's too late to resolve.

THE DJ FOR YOU Will provide the professional equipment & the experience to back up what we promise.

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